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Progetto Students' job market opportunities

Categorie: progetti

Objective: increase high-school students' awareness of the job market - opportunities, challenges, skills required and key success factors

The initiative

Rotary club members could devote part of their time to partially fill these gaps in high school students’s education. Working together with schools’ presidents and teachers, Rotary members (typically professionals with successful career path) could share with students their experience and knowledge to inspire future generations.

Collaboration initiatives might include (but not limited to):

  • Personal career trajectory – success stories (how did you manage to become successful in your job? What the key success factors?)
  • Focus on specific professions (based on expertise) – what does a strategy consultant do? Or a production manager? Or a CFO? What are the hard and soft skills required?

Rotarian in charge: Paolo Alfieri

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President's letter

Giovanni Scognamiglio
Presidente Fondatore, anno 2015/2016
Alexis Tomasos
Presidente 2016/2017
Marcello Martinez
Presidente Dimissionario 2017/2018
Stefano Ducceschi
Presidente 2017/2018
Presidente 2018/2019