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Philadelphia Union e Rotary E- Club Italy South 2100 united for soccer

Risultati immagini per soccer academy

Robert Buccini, co-owner of Philadelphia Union, a major MSL team, and Giovanni Scognamiglio, founder president of Rotary E-Club Italy South 2100 will enter into a new and exciting partnership to provide a unique opportunity for children under the age of 18 years old from the South of Italy, to gain a trial period with the Philadelphia Union. The partnership will focus on targeting young teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, where opportunities are limited. Soccer could help provide them with an opportunity to thrive and succeed.


The project will aim to take place in June 2017, for a term of around three years.

The Rotary E-Club Italy South 2100 will organise a selection of around 25/30 teenagers from the South of Italy, using a committee of 3 coaches/mentors. The chosen players will then be invited to a trial game which will take place in Naples and will be Philadelphia Union branded.

At the trial game, the players judged to be the most talented, will be put forward to attend the Philadelphia Union academy and train for a short period (between 2/4 weeks) with the team. Afterwards, Philadelphia Union can decide whether to keep the young players on, or return them home to Italy.

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President's letter

Giovanni Scognamiglio
Presidente Fondatore, anno 2015/2016
Alexis Tomasos
Presidente 2016/2017
Marcello Martinez
Presidente Dimissionario 2017/2018
Stefano Ducceschi
Presidente 2017/2018
Presidente 2018/2019